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Timeless Tales of the Wide World

Coming soon! Timeless Tales of the Wide World contains 25 treasures of world folklore from 25 different countries on six continents, compiled and retold by Patty Kyrlach.

A Story, a Story

The great stories of the world nurture us and teach us. They entertain and enchant us, and they impart wisdom from far-away places and long-ago times.

Some of the stories in this book. . .

  • "How Stories Came into the World" — from Ghana
  • "The Fisherman and His Wife" — from Germany
  • "The Armadillo's Song" — from Bolivia
  • "The Hungry Hyena" — from The Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • "Sekko and the Dragon" — from Japan
  • "The Legend of Poas Volcano" — from Costa Rica
  • "Six Blind Men and an Elephant" — from India

We can learn a lot about a culture by reading its stories. And we learn a lot about ourselves too. Stories remind us that our lives are a story. Like the heroes we read about, we have to make important choices. We have to be brave and self-sacrificing. We have to persist in difficult circumstances until our quest is accomplished.

Timeless Tales is beautifully illustrated with classic art and photographs from the country of origin for each tale.


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